Добре дошли

Welcome To Galaxy Gaming Minecraft Donation Page!
(ALL Donations are STRICTLY for the server we will never take out any donations for personal use)

We at galaxy gaming will never pressure our players to donate as we believe that is not how a community is ran i mean you already paid for the game right?

However we do accept donations in turn as the extra help in keeping our servers up is always respected and valued and for donating you will gain some cosmetical items and some assists in playing the game as a thank you from us!

All of our donators recieve their rank on our other servers at Galaxy-Gaming.eu these can be on Gmod and DayZ etc...

NOTE: The donation shop is managed by the owners of the server, who is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB or Microsoft. For any legal issues, please contact us via Discord, Forums or in game. 

NOTE: If you are under the age of 18, please do not purchase any items from our premium shop without your legal guardian's consent. We are not liable or responsible of any issues arising from this rule not being respected. We will punish to the fullest extent (ban from our servers) anyone caught fraudulently purchasing items from our premium shop.